We make education
accessible & affordable.

Education funding was broken. So we fixed it. EdAid provides fair, affordable education finance repaid via an Income Share Agreement.


We believe that access to education should be universal & that financing should not be a barrier to economic empowerment.

How it works

Students pay nothing for their course upfront. Post-graduation they share 5% of their income with their backers for 10-20 years*.

*Depending upon the the amount of initial funding

step 1


Funding up to £20,000 Post-Graduate Courses Only. Repayment linked to future earnings. Zero interest charges.

step 2


1. Initial selection by University 2. Identity & Verification checks via QardHasan platform 3. Sign Income Share Agreement

step 3

Income Share Agreement

Nothing to pay until Post-Graduation. 5% of a Graduate’s Gross Income. No Penalties Charges. No Student Debt.