Earn 3.5%* AER Tax-Free

Benefit from a market leading return at the same time as funding the next generation of leaders & change makers.


Introducing the EdAid IFISA

We have cut out the cost, complexity and hassle to provide investors with an inflation linked, tax-free return that beats anything you'll find from your bank.

Your investment funds are used to fund high performing post-graduate students who go onto build leading careers in Technology, Finance, Law & Engineering.

5 Year Term

The minimum term is 5 years with the option to extend for further terms of 5 years. Risk is managed through pooled investment across each cohort of students.

Target Returns

Your investment returns are linked to Inflation at RPI. The 20 year historical average is 3.5% and is currently 3.9%. There are no management charges.

*Collar & Cap (1% & 5% AER)

Fair Finance

The existing student financing options are inefficient, poorly administered, unnecessarily expensive and bordering on morally bankrupt.

Post-Graduate Students currently pay between 6.3% - 30% in interest charges per annum to fund their Post-Graduate courses through government and private loans.

Funding The Future

By investing in the next generation of post-graduate level engineers, scientists, lawyers and accountants you can help graduates save £10,000 in interest charges.

Safe & Secure

EdAid manages risk and reduces defaults (currently zero.) by ensuring all of our graduates are employed & encouraging employers to contribute to repayments.

High Performance

We are highly selective in the students we back. We look to leading indicators of future performance namely academic and work experience, but also emotional intelligence, work ethic & grit.

We also look to the courses that a student studies to ensure that the course has high quality outcomes and that the teaching they benefit from is world-class.


EdAid assesses all student borrowers against strict KYC, AML & affordability checks as well as against top percentile performance criteria.

Rising Stars

Once a student is funded by EdAid we support them throughout their career development enabling access to internships and getting hired post-graduation.

The Important Stuff

What is an IFISA?

It stands for Innovative Finance ISA.

EdAid is a peer-to-peer lending platform, authorised & regulated by the FCA, has been granted permission from HMRC to launch their own Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA).

An IFISA is like any normal ISA and counts towards your annual £20,000 ISA savings limit.


The returns on our IFISA are linked to, and tracks UK RPI. It is currently 3.5% for January 2018.

It is calculated monthly and allocated annually.


All returns on the EdAid IFISA are tax-free, they are not subject to UK Income Tax and do not count towards your Personal Savings Allowance.


The term for the FY2018/19 issue is 5 years.

Early Redemption

There is no opportunity at present for early redemption.

What Happens After 5-Years?

Investors will have their capital and any outstanding returns paid back to their nominated account. Investors have the option to reinvest in further Issues and take advantage of tax-free IFISA allowance benefits in subsequent years.

Value of investment?

Based on a £1,000 invested into EdAid's IFISA the estimated value of your investment will be £1,187.69 after 5 years.

Your investment will have helped save each student £5,000 in fees & charges and 5 years of indebtedness when compared with traditional funding sources.

Your investment will have helped save each student £5,000 in fees & charges and 5 years of indebtedness when compared with traditional funding sources.