Every student, regardless of their religion, creed, colour or nationality should have fair, affordable access to the world's best education. QardHasan does this and so much more.
- Tom Woolf, Founder & CEO
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Rethinking the University Experience
QardHasan provides students from anywhere in the world with equitable access to world-class education, in high demand STEM subjects, that lead to exceptional outcomes.
Study with Northeastern University London, online, from anywhere in the world
Students can apply to two incredible, industry-led Degree programs; BSc (Hons) Applied Digital & Technology Solutions and MSc Artificial Intelligence & Data Science developed in conjunction with the likes of AWS, ServiceNow & Salesforce.
Building a pathway to the next step on the career ladder
In an increasingly competitive hiring landscape students need the skills to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow. QardHasan provides students with a fair, affordable way to pay their tuition fees.
How it Works
Available Courses
Whether you're looking to study on the undergraduate BSc (Hons) Applied Digital & Technology Solutions or the postgraduate MSc Artificial Intelligence & Data Science you will be able to take the pathway that suits you best.
Once you've decided what you'd like to study, you'll be directed to the Northeastern University London application process, where you can apply directly to the course of your choice.
Payment Plan
Once accepted to your chosen degree programme, you'll be able to utilise our shariah-compliant payment plan for your tuition with Northeastern University. Payments are divided into equal monthly instalments throughout your studies, without any interest fees or hidden charges.
Studying will be completed online & has been designed to flex around life's other commitments. Students will have full use of the Northeastern University London campus in St Katherine’s Dock or the DIFC Future Campus for co-study, workshops and networking events.
Students will graduate with the same skills & qualification from their course as if they had completed it in-person. Students are fully supported throughout their studies by the Northeastern faculty and support staff.
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The QardHasan team will provide you with career counselling, interview preparation and mentoring as well as a direct bridge to new roles in the UK, DIFC & across Dubai.
Our people are our greatest resource.
- Shk. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The DIFC Future Campus offers world-class education, delivered online to equip participants with the necessary skills to handle the rapid changes that the Fourth Industrial Revolution demands.

Participants gain the skills and aptitude to be employment ready. In doing so, the growing pool of world-class talent available to companies in the UK, Dubai & the wider Arab world is enhanced.

Northeastern University London
Studying online with Northeastern, via our London campus is an enriching pursuit, both personally and professionally. Our Degree programmes foster advanced skills in critical questioning, information gathering, synthesis and analysis, and oral and written communication.
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Payment Plan
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Study Options
Students that enrol via QardHasan will receive access to the main London campus along with the DIFC Future Campus in DIFC for studying, career counselling, LinkedIn and job placement support.
Available Programmes
/ month
36 Months
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Digital & Technology Solutions

    This Applied Digital & Technology Solutions degree programme equips you with the technical expertise to develop innovative digital and technology solutions and to get you ahead of the competition for a successful career in the endless range of sectors and organisations recruiting individuals with technological expertise.

/ month
21 Months
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

    The MSc Artificial Intelligence & Data Science programme is designed to support the career development of AI and data science professionals by providing graduates with the in-depth knowledge, skills and experience that are required by businesses and organisations in the technology sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a passionate, entrepreneurial team committed to making education more affordable and accessible. We do this by building high-quality and secure technology-led solutions to solve issues around education funding and student debt.

Our Founder and CEO, Tom Woolf, started the company in 2011 in the Middle East and has built a dedicated, experienced team to help accelerate your career and make your education more affordable.

We have a global team, supporting students in 180 countries with offices in Dubai, London, New York, Sydney and Toronto.

We partner directly with schools and offer students payment plans to help split the cost of tuition into interest-free monthly payments. For students, QardHasan makes the tuition fee process simpler and more affordable than ever by providing flexible, shariah-compliant payment solutions.

We’re making it easier to pay for education. QardHasan enables students to access world-class education without having to pay the full tuition up front.

No need to worry about how much interest you’re accruing and your monthly payments go straight back to the people who supported you - your school! We facilitate these payments to make things as seamless as possible.

For students, our support goes beyond a financing agreement. We’ve lived through the challenge of paying for education. We exist to make payment as affordable and painless as possible.

We have a global team, supporting students in 180 countries with offices in Dubai, London, New York, Sydney and Toronto.

The team at QardHasan are just like you. They funded their way through university while working part-time jobs and they took out student loans. Like millions of students, they have struggled to repay their loans but have finally started to clear the debt. They have built a fairer, more affordable way to pay for higher education and jump-start a career.

Students may only enrol in a QardHasan payment plan once they have been accepted by their school for their chosen study programme. We partner with universities around the world to offer these Payment Plans, but your application needs to come from an education provider that is currently offering QardHasan Payment Plans. Please speak to one of our team members for more information.

We work with our students to understand each individual’s situation; we know life happens and finances can be stressful. If you choose not to pay or if you fail to make a payment, we will contact you immediately to notify you the payment has failed. You have up to seven (7) days grace period to correct the missed payment. If you fail to correct the missed payment you will be excluded from the Programme but will have no outstanding payment obligations.

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